Laughing is probably the best thing in life. Or maybe that's just when I'm missing something else. Here are a few of my past works to share joy with others.


I spent seven years performing improv comedy with ComedySportz San Jose, the Bay Area's longest running show.

ComedySportz San Jose
During that time, I performed in over a thousand shows for audiences ranging from weekend performances downtown, to weddings, bar mitzvahs, festivals, and corporate teambuilding workshops for companies including Google, Intel, and eBay.


An animated short I made in 2008.


Sure, it was my first attempt at an app. But when someone asks about it, I don't show them the app. I show them this promo video. It's one of my finer digital comedies.
I bet you'd never have guessed I did the voice over.


This is a 3 minute sitcom pilot satirizing the pharmaceutical industry that I wrote, directed, starred, and edited.

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